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We are in process of transitioning between web hosts and have to rebuild the whole website. Please be patient with us as we make this change. If you have any question about the validity of this site, please contact Bill Zeigler @ (214) 886-5634, WPA resident at 201 N. Waterview and Communications Chair, and I will verify it’s validity.

Dues for the 2017 calendar year are $35.00.  The funds raised through collection of dues is put back into the association in the form of social activities and maintaining the appearance of the neighborhood.  I hope you have noticed all the newly paint curb numbering.  We also take any left-over funds and hold them for upgrades to the median through a cost sharing partnership with the city.  Please make sure you have paid the 2017annual dues this year.  It’s less than the price of a cup of coffee or soft drink a week but it makes a big difference in the services we can provide.

$35.00 for 2017 Annual dues.

Of course you always have the alternative of paying by check delivered to Stacy Lawrence, our treasurer , 1 Shenandoah Place, Richardson TX 75080